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Information Super-highway? No Map - No Point!

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"Whatis" Proposal
The last best hope for rational Internet navigation-- unfortunately no one who cares, matters, and no one who matters, cares.
The Donotgo Blog
Commentary and "some" reporting regarding the search/marketing industry and the objective productive science it has replaced. --Blog Archive
Message Board[s]
As the search/marketing industry closes-out websites unwilling to play/pay the promotion game-- this website isn't currently getting enough traffic to sustain any conversation... but if you have a "search" related opinion I would like to hear it.
Older discussions / newer subjects over here.
If you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox these bookmarklet toolboxs provide dozens of usability and Internet search tools. (No paid advertising, no spy-ware, no Spam, and Consumes virtually no system resources.)
Some Satire
The Troll that Ate Googlevania -2005

An interview with Netesq
My Dinner with Andrew -2001
arttworks on Arttworks -2001
I say to Sullivan -2001
Contact -Me
Resigned to the fact that the liars and cheaters have been allowed to suck all the practical usefulness out of e-mail -- I've shutdown e-mail to this domain -- so if you want to contact me "privately" you will have to use this form.
Search-opoly -The Game
It isn't the original, but it is original
Search Talk
Links to some of the message boards I have posted to, and to others that are informative, revealing or entertaining.