On the correct theory of everything .

At some point in the early 1900s the science of physics committed itself to a confused dualism model of reality where things could be more than one thing. The controversy of wave vs particle became the compromise of particles waving and with that physics waved goodbye to a rationally comprehensible model\description of material reality.

I contend that the particle theory of reality was correct, and that the science of physics needs to return to the post Newton, pre Einstein, knowledgebase and reexamine particle based models of the universe's function.

It Is Proposed That:

The universe is in substance just made of one thing, let's call them "Quantons", that are always moving and have no other property beyond an orientation of polarization. These Quantons fill space, matter, and energy, and are in essence all there is, and all that is. When locked inside electrons, protons and neutrons they are Matter. When they arrive at a precise time interval we call them Light (photons, electromagnetic radiation). When filtered for polarization by a magnetic material they are called Magnetism. When accelerating planets into suns they are called Gravity. When pushing electrons, protons and neutrons together, and apart, they are the strong and week nuclear Forces.

At the real working level of the universe the smallest bits are just kinetically banging into each other and exchanging direction. The fundamental function is that simple, and combined with the probability of pattern creation (orbits) the incredible complexity of the universe as we experience it can be filtered out of this simple function.

The Kinetic Paradox:

In a pure kinetic interaction between indestructible (hard) masses with a velocity (momentum) there is created a paradox of sorts in the interaction can look either like something, or nothing, happened. Viewed one way the objects will have their velocities travel through each other and the universe after the interaction will look exactly like it would have if the interaction never happened. Viewed another way it can be understood that the masses completely interacted, and exchange their directional momentum, and the resulting universe is now substantially changed in that the objects have "individually" substantially changed (exchanged) directions.

It is argued that our reality is constructed by this simple process of kinetic interactions of quanta that causes a 90 degree change in direction, and in turn represents a complete exchange of identity. The quanta that make up the universe are at regular rates experiencing this change in identity, and this creates opportunity for the collection of identity in patterns and forms. In geometry a circle can be understood as a rounded square. A collection of four - 90 degree turns. In a mass of randomized kinetic interactions it can be understood to be just a matter of probability that there could be 4 interactions in sequence that might take an object back to its starting point and create, in essence, "a circular" path. It is a quality of the physical universe which enables such patterns to become durable that is responsible for all that we know as energetic matter. The material universe is just quanta in geometric patterns, and as those patterns combine, material structures are formed. In the very big universe, we see the simplicity that is also in the very small universe, but hidden from our perception.

The universal glue ...Kinetic field pressure:

In the big universe we see a mechanism we call gravity hold matter in patterns and make solar systems and galaxies. On the level of the very small the very same mechanism holds quanta in patterns that become matter. Just as the space between planets is the same as the space between atoms, the force holding these things together, and pushing them towards each other, is fundamentally the same. The universe isn't two places, big, and small, it is one place with one set of fundamental properties.

Imagine starting with a clean slate, A great expanse of truly nothing. Now introduce a very simple something, a dense field of simple little bits that have a short list of simple properties:

1. They are in constant movement in straight lines.

2. They are shaped taller than they are wide (polarization).

3. When free/force quanta hit oppositely polarized matter quanta, the bits exchange direction with each other producing a bit of material acceleration and the perpendicular "release" of force.

Considering the implications of such a field in motion, perhaps you can understand that it would create a kind of even pressure. That every point in the field would become a point of intersection or \93convergence\94, effectively bombarded from every direction. If you were to place a \93still\94 object in some/any position in the field it would be constantly jostled by pushing force coming from a constantly changing direction. Now introduce the second still object close to the first.

Perhaps you can understand that the single objects will be profoundly affected by the other objects presence... Now the straight line pressure will not be able to reach all surfaces evenly. This circumstance invents the shadow, and with it imbalance, and with that movement. Through this mechanism the material universe is pushed together, not so much by the presence of force, but by the shadow of absence.

(added 1-30-16)

Colliding with the technicalities:

I would like to say the earth is pushed into the Sun and leave it at that, but the \93whole truth\94 is a bit more complicated . In a field of Kinetic Particle Pressure direction is exchanged, not really imposed, and the rate of exchange has circumstantial rules. For example, in the case of the Earth being gravitationally pushed toward the Sun, it might be more accurately stated that the Earth, and the Sun, Induce Acceleration in each other. Going to a level deeper, it could be said that the acceleration merely reflects Acquisition of Force arrows moving in the direction of the acceleration. Still deeper, it is understood that getting arrows will usually mean exchanging old arrows, going in some direction, for new arrows going in the new direction. It is here at the deepest level of the kinetics where the rules are applied, and the most important rule states, that a directional arrow (element of force) can only really exchange direction with an element moving in a perpendicular dimension. In more real world words, in the kinetic universe head-on collisions are the least meaningful accident as all elements of identity pass right through the interaction. If you were driving a blue car down the kinetic highway and you had a head on collision with a red car, after the interaction your blue car continues in the direction it was going, as does the red. On the other hand, if your blue car where to hit a red car moving, left to right, or up to down, after the interaction the red car would be going forward, and your blue car would be going right, or down. This little difference, as they say, makes all the difference in understanding acceleration and velocity in the Universal Kinetic Energy Field.

To understand any Force interaction, even gravity, you must first understand that all interactions in the real Universe are nuclear interactions. That is to say, the only stuff really moving in the universe are the little bits (quanta) and all their interactions take place at the speed of light (the speed of force).

As you understand that you are really a collection of cells, you should understand that at the elemental level everything in our medium-size world is also made of Elemental bits, and it is these elemental bits that are doing all the doing. Reduced to its simplest function all the action you see is a consequence of interactions between Elemental bits of Force (The free bits) and Fundamental bits of matter.

The Fundamental bits of matter are collections of Force bits in the structures called Protons, Electrons, and Neutrons. These structures, or "particles", contain force quanta moving in all the three dimensions and have the attribute of polarization that defines their individual character. The Electrons are oppositely polarized to the Protons and the Neutrons posses both polarization's (dipole).

Using Color to visualize polarization, imagine protons as containing red quanta and electrons as containing black. Now understand these particles to exist in a dense sea of free quanta of mixed polarization (red and black). When running the system the rules are very simple.

1. Collisions between matter bits and field bits that are of the same polarization cause a dual reflection. The free bit reverses direction as does the bit inside the matter particle.

2. Collisions between bits of different polarization only happen as perpendicular collisions and result in the bits essentially exchanging direction.

As example, let's start with a single electron in a relatively empty space. In simple terms it can be realize that the electron contains bits trying to push out in all directions, and that the external force bits are constantly pushing (reflecting) them back in. In a quiet well randomized environment it can be understood that the particle, and the force, achieve equilibrium and the only motion would be a random shutter, and the reflection back out of all the force that went in..

Now lets add a second electron and be more specific regarding the interactions. Because the particles are of the same polarization, and will reflect any Force of the same polarization (black), the Force between the two will be effectively trapped as you bring the particles closer together and increase the number of reflections and in turn the force of the elements of force. Likewise as you move the particles away from each other you proportionately decrease the repulsion between them.

The importance of this interaction must be emphasized as it is the cause of the strong repulsive Force seen when electrons are pushed into electrons or protons are pushed into protons. This trapping of force is what causes magnets to behave as they do, and it demonstrates that what we call attraction is really just a lack a repulsion.

Now consider what happens to the red polarized free elements that impact the particles. They will essentially reflect, but perpendicular to the angle of the impact. This means that any red force trapped between the two particles will essentially leak out and no extra red pressure will be created.

In the opposite polarization interaction something else also happens. The particle effectively experiences the interaction in two of its dimensions. A bit inside the particle changes from going left, right, up, or down, to going forward (the original direction of the force that hit the particle). As a consequence the particle gains little forward acceleration, but the particle also has its balance (equilibrium) in one of the other dimensions changed which, depending on its previous condition, could give it an imbalance acceleration in the opposite direction of the direction of the force left in. Put simply, in the opposite polarization interaction a particle may be moved in something other than a straight direction.

The interaction between particles of opposite polarization (protons and electrons) demonstrates clearly how attraction is really just an absence of repulsion. When an Electron is moved into the influence of a Proton the particles release, through perpendicular interactions, all the force that would have been trapped between them if they were of like polarisation. This prevents any Force pressure (increasing frequency of interaction) from being created between them, and creates a low pressure they will be "forced" into.

Speaking of Shadows:

It is often the case that before a right idea can be seen the wrong ideas blocking vision must be removed. I think before you can fairly judge this theory of \93fundamental function\94 you must be liberated from any hard conclusion that the questions have already been properly answered. 100 years ago Albert Einstein proposed of vision of reality, and provided some good mathematics. Over the years physicists have converted that vision from theory, to fact, claiming it has predicted enough to have proven itself. I would claim that the proof has been overstated, and that the fundamental theory was engineered only to answer specific questions, and provides little as a complete or reasonable description of reality.

At the cornerstone of Einstein's explanation is the concept of space time. In brief, the idea is, this non material dimension acts and reacts on the three material dimensions and provides the energy for such things as gravity. We are to believe that this \93fabric of reality\94 bends, stretches, and dimples, and that matter obediently slides down the contours created. As a metaphor this model may produce some useful images, but as an explanation of reality it catastrophically fails coherency tests. The most glaring problems are the model only really works visually in two dimensions, and obviously matter exists in three, and when really analyzed the model only really works if it uses the forces it is supposed to be explaining. For example in the case of the \93convergence\94 known as gravity Einstein's model just basically says gravity is like falling down a well... Not much better than saying, the force of gravity comes from the force of gravity.

Seeing the light regarding light:

If there was an original sin that led to the corruption of physics it was the perversion of the photon into a beast of complex function. Read correctly \93the book of photon\94 is the Rosetta Stone of physics translating big matter forces, into small matter forces. The \93new classic\94 description of the photon has it classified as some kind of electromagnetic thing. Yet there is little evidence it can do anything purely electrical, or purely magnetic. This classification isn't describing what photons are, it's describing what happens when photons interact with matter. The new physics not only has photons causing effects, it has them effecting effects.

Starting over... let's list what we really know to be true about photons.

1. They generally move from point A to point B in a straight line
2. They generally move at 186,000 miles per second ...the same transmission speed as gravity and magnetism
3. They have a shape expressed as polarization
4. They are identifiable by a carried frequency
5. When emitted from a spherical source they dissipate at the same rate as gravity and magnetism obeying the inverse square rule.

I would argue that this list is substantially complete regarding what can be established as fact. Notice that nothing on the list precludes one form reasonably believing photons to be fundamentally small discreet bits separated by a distance frequency/wavelength, and little else. Once given permission to see photons in this form, and realizing we don't see most of the light surrounding us, the imagination doesn't have to wander far to realize that the pool of unseen photons maybe as deep as the proverbial \93Gravity Well\94.

In an effort to briefly tie this all together, photons are just a variety of quantions. They acquire their identifiable orientation-- frequency occurrence, and polarization -- as they are emitted from electrons. Each electron emitting photons, releases them with the same polarization, and at a specific frequency. Different electrons, in some strata of light admitting matter, can release photons with a different polarization, but each individual electron releases its photons with only one polarization. In a sense light is just a bit of gravity that has been labeled by its polarization and that can be detected based on the frequency of a quantion arriving with that specific polarization.

Once you accept this description of photons as a form of gravity, the next unifying step of including Magnetism is within reach. Ironically duality-physicists like Richard Feynman have used the term \93virtual photon\94 to describe the unknown force carrier in magnetism. Seems he couldn't see the Quantion Forest through the waving trees. Anyway, like photons, the force expressed in magnetism is just a variety of gravity, or more specifically a subtle variation in the active Universal Quantum Field.

Regarding Magnetism:

Let's start with what might be an agreeable statement for most physicist. Magnets are filters that produce, and are sensitive to, polarization. If we can agree on that then the only really important question to be answered is, what is getting polarized? In the context of this paper this question has two simple an answer for me to ask it without feeling silly. Obviously, it's the Gravitons/Quantions stupid. I would argue that one of the strongest proofs of the theory of gravity proposed in this paper, is the fact that it provides all the ingredients to solve the Mystery of Magnetism.

Once you place two magnets in the Active Universal Quantum Field diagramming what will happen is little more challenging than a grammar school exercise. First, there needs to be agreement on a general description of a polarizing filter. In the applicable circumstance of visible light, a polarizing filter would consist of a gradient of lines that can be oriented vertically, or horizontally, and can filter out different photons based on the orientation of the filter. Light polarizing filters also convert light in a range of polarization to the specific output polarization. The polarizing material of magnets works much the same way, in that it can ignore, absorb, or convert what travels through it.

Let's use the example of two magnets with opposite poles facing each other. The normal field pressure of regular gravity, surrounds them, and penetrates them, from all directions. There is a minor amount of gravitational attraction between them, but too little to be of any really relevant consequence. The important thing happening is that the magnetic poles are filtering the gravity quantions as they passes through them, greatly magnifying the regular material effect. Unlike regular matter, the magnetic polar filters are doing three important things regular matter doesn't do.

1. Magnetic polar filters double the absorption rate of one specific polarization.

2. Reduce to zero the absorption rate of the perpendicular polarization.

3. Convert, at a rate proportional to density, quantions of any polarization, to the specific polarization it absorbs with twice the effect.

In Figure 1 the effect is crudely diagrammed. The arrows labeled 2x represent the specific polarization the magnetic pole is twice as likely to absorb, and gain acceleration from. The arrows labeled 0 represent the specific polarization the magnetic pole will Not absorb. Notice: The balancing effect of these inverse values keeps the net gravitational impact neutral.

The arrow marked with the G represents the 98% of the gravity that is in some other polarization. It is the conversion of some portion of this gravity (of random polarization) to the 2x polarization (which is the zero polarization of the opposite pole) that gives magnetism it's greatly magnified effect over regular gravity. As opposite poles produce larger amounts of polarization that is invisible to the other pole, there is essentially created between the magnets an extra-low gravitational pressure zone, and the still absorbed, and now far greater, external gravity pushes the magnets together.

An example of two same poles facing each other demonstrates the opposite effect of creating essentially more gravitational pressure between the magnets. As both poles produce the same twice-as-strong polarization, both magnets are accelerated away from each other. It should be noted that the 2x gravity is just only One order of magnitude stronger than regular gravity.

As with gravity, magnetism is merely the byproduct of a created imbalance in field pressure. Much is made of the fact that these two forces have too substantial a difference in magnitude to be unified. I would counter that the same force is merely being imbalanced through different mechanisms, gravity creates imbalance through mass, while magnetism creates imbalance through composition. If you were to imagine two massive black holes separated by a few meters, with you stuck between them, do you think you would argue that gravity is a weak force. I think it will be understood as a kind of rule that as mass increases the relevance of composition decreases.

In Conclusion:

In this paper I have outlined a clear path to the unification of gravity, the electromagnetic spectrum, time dilation, and magnetism. The purpose is to merely establish a foundation for the larger claim that all energetic force is just a variant manifestation of the migration of elemental quanta. The truth to be revealed, and hopefully accepted, is that the universe is incomprehensibly thick with energy and that we only see, and function in, the minute portion of that universe labeled with specific polarization and frequencies.

It should be understood that this paper is only intended to be complete enough to justify fair testing and review. The author sincerely has no bad faith knowledge of any existing well proven fact of mathematics, or conceptual vision, destructive to the viability of this theoretical perspective. In fact, it has been the authors experience that this new model easily conforms to existing science, and provides solid answers too long asked questions.

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