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Shiff events

Revaluation And Tax Bills

January 1, 2006, is the effective date of the new property assessments developed as part of Meodham Borough's municipal-wide revaluation. While new assessments are effective January 1, please use the coupons attached to the bill you received in July 2005 to submit 2006 First- and Second-Quarter payments. Bill based on the recent reassessment wlll be calculaed arid mailed in July 2006.

First- and Second-Quarter 2006 bills are estimated using the 2005 assessments and the 2005 tax rate. Third- and Fourth-Quarter 2006 bills are calculated using the 2006 assessments and the 2006 tax rate and are adjusted for any over-billing or under-billing in the First- and Second-Quarter estimated bills.

The 2006 tax rate will be calculated by dividing the total amount to be raised by taxation (taken from the 2006 county, schools, municipal and open space budgets) by the total taxable property in the Borough. Multiplying each property assessment by the tax rate determines the annual property tax for each parcel.

Christmas Tree Disposal

Mendham Borough does not have a curbside pickup program for holiday trees, so you cannot leave your tree at the curb. And, the Borough's brush drop-off site will close on December 1 7th. A good way to dispose of your tree and participate in a long-standing tradition is to drop your tree off at Borough Park, by January 7th. The Borough anticipates that there will again be a "Twelfth Night" Tree Burning this year. For more information, please check the Borough Web site,, local newspapers, or phone Borough Hall, at 543-7152, after Christ- mas.

Municipal Holidays

The Borough Offices will be closed on December 23rd and 26th, and on January 2nd. The annual Reorganization Meeting for the Mayor and Borough Council will be held on January 1st, at 1:OOPM, in the Borough Firehouse. All interested people are encouraged to attend. For more information, you can check the Borough Web site——or telephone the Borough offices, at 973-543-7152, ext 15, after December 19th.

Keep the "Stream" Clean

It bears remembering that the approaching holidays can lead to a contamination of the paper that you recycle. Foreign objects (even those that are paper-like or very small) can damage paper-recycling machinery, which can mean increased production costs (or decreased value for scrap paper), and reduced quality of items made from
Some typical, though not obvious, containments include:
• metallic gift wrapping paper
• bows and ribbons
• greeting cards or envelopes with foil
• chipboard/cardboard boxes, or
• plastic shopping/gift bags.
. . . and don't forget those last fruitcake or cookie crumbs that seem to get everywhere. A little vigilence in this area will make work easier for our County recycling collectors, as well as for the recycling plant workers. Wouldn't that be a nice holiday gift?

Historical Society Presentation

The Mendham Borough Historical Society will be hosting a presentation describing the two-volume publications of New Jersey Country Houses, The Somerset Hills, written by John K. Turpin and W. Barry Thomson, on Tuesday, December 13th, at 7:30PM, at the Phoenix House, East Main St., Mendham. The editions cover the country estates that were built in the rolling countryside of Somerset and Morris counties in New Jersey from the 1870's to World War II. These volumes take you on a social, historical and architectural journey through one of the country's most prominent and private residential enclaves. All are welcome!
For more information, contact Peggy Oswald , at 973-543-7538,

A dogs eye view

When it comes to dog training, it is helpful to understand the way your dog perceives the world. Take these two behaviors for example: Counter Surfing. Rewards are anything your dog will work for— pens, pencils, paper, watches, TV remotes, if you pay attention to him when he has it in his mouth. That's the real reward. Also, think about the excitement you may feel when playing a slot machine. By leaving food on the counter, you allow your dog to play the slots — sometimes he gets nothing; sometimes crumbs; sometimes he hits the jackpot— T-Bone steak!

To stop this behavior, clear your counters of anything the dog finds rewarding, and be CONSISTENT for at least 2-3 weeks. Once the behavior is no longer rewarded, it usually is extinguished. Why bother trying if there is no reward?


A dog steals an item, show you he has it, then waits for you to get up and RUN, RUN, RUN Instead of this game, encourage him to come to you when he has something, reward him for giving up the article, go to his toy box and have a fun game of retrieve instead. Every time he goes to HIS toy box you should reinforce this behavior. Drop morsels of treats in the bottom of the box to encourage him to go there.
St. Hubert's Dog Training School in Madison offers a number of dog-training classes that implement positive training techniques. For a complete list of class schedules, information, or to register, phone 973-377-0116, or visit online.

Holly Walk Historic Tour

Visit stx historic homes decorated for the Christmas season and see how Christmas was celebrated in the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. On December 3rd and 4th, a single ticket gives you weekend access to: Ford Mansion, Acorn Hall, Schuyler-Hamilton House, Macculloch Hall, The Willows & the 1920's Farmhouse at Fos-terfields Farm, and the Morris Museum. All sites will be open on Saturday, from 11:OOAM-7:OOPM, and on Sunday, from 11:OOAM-5:OOPM.

Admission is $15 in advance, or $20 at the door of any participating site. Children 12 and under are free. Advanced tickets are available at the Morris County Visitors Center, 6 Court Street, Morristown, 07960. For more information, phone 973-631-5151.

An added attraction, on Saturday afternoon, historic balladeer Linda Russell ( will be playing and singing tunes at the Ford Mansion. On Sunday, the Ford Mansion will be the scene of a reeiiaet-ment of George Washington's arrival in Morris-town. From 5:00-7:OOPM, docents will give candlelight tours as the 2nd NJ Regiment guards outside around a bonfire. For more information about these events, phone 973-539-2085.

Garden Club Adds to Holidays

Now more than ever—if you have to get holiday shopping done, shop in Mendham. Not only will you save time, gas, and avoid the crowds, but you will also reap the benefits of the wonderful gifts to be found right here in town. Along with those special finds you will discover the personal service a local business can give you that can't be found in a mall or on line.

As you shop in town, take time to admire the decorations that bring the holiday season alive. Each year the Mendham Garden Club does its share of decorating around town. From the handmade wreaths adorning the public buildings, to decorations in the Phoenix House and Bowers Building, to beautiful arrangements in the library—all lend a festive touch to the surroundings.

The Mendham Garden Club wishes the best to all of you as you celebrate your holidays. Our group is looking forward to a very exciting new year." Our 'first meeting will Be^G'eld on'February 21st, 2006. Why not make joining our group your New Year's resolution? President 973-543-3445

Still Breathing

Our alarming note in the November issue brought an up-tick of advertising this month. However, as of press time, The Mendham Messenger remains on "life support." We do appreciate every single advertiser, but we cannot continue to operate not knowing whether this month will be our last. We need to hear from several businesses willing to commit to advertising throughout the year—whether for 2 months or 12—so we can know that there will be revenue available to pay for the community news that it is our great pleasure to publish. If you want to be a part of providing community news in Mendham, please contact us today. -editor

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