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Established in 1979... by nationally renown psychic witch, Barbra Janus, Rent-A-Witch, has helped countless people in all walks of life. Barbra is not just a psychic, medical intuitive, but can work her magic to help heal, balance, and harmonize physically, emotionally, and psychologically, wherever needed. No personal contact is required to receive help and healing.

Aside from her psychic and spiritual gifts, Barbra also has a backround in psychology, EFT counseling, Anthropology, nutrition, and the natural food industry. Barbra has been commissioned by government leaders, celebrities, and Fortune 500 companies, for her unique and invaluable services. She has appeared on national and local television, radio, and in national and local magazines and newspapers.

Barbra’s great-grandmother, Fanny, was a well known and respected healer in Europe. Barbra participates in several healing organizations, as well as practicing privately. Rent-A-Witch is honored to provide you with Barbra’s superior spiritual and healing services. All sessions are private and confidential.