Information Super-highway?... No Map -- No Point!
"Whatis" Proposal
The last best hope for rational Internet navigation-- unfortunately no one who cares, matters, and no one who matters, cares.
Select text and Search--And other usefull Bookmarklets
If you are useing IE 5.0 or better you "must have" some of these.
The Donotgo Blog
Bloging = Rhetoric without debate or fact-checking counterpoint--but it still beats the hell out of "moderated" smiley-face-posts-only forums.
This week with...
[More like last year with...but still funny!]
An interview with Netesq

My Dinner with Andrew
arttworks on Arttworks
I say to Sullivan
Search-opoly -The Game
It isn't the original, but it is original
Search Talk
Links to some of the message boards I have posted to, and to others that are informative, revealing or entertaining.