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Links to some of the message boards I have posted to, and to others that are informative, revealing or entertaining even though "I" wasn't part of the conversation. If you run across a good one e-mail me at:

Most resent post.

SearchTalk My own little peace of hell on the internet.
Opinion: Ugly, dirty, and smelly, in other words, a mans world.
- There is always at least one person there.

XODP discussion group - Really the netesq talk around and over you forum.
Opinion: Hate the format, and the rubber faced host.
- Hardly enough participants for a good game of cards..

Spider Food Forums- Best subject category - Search Engine / Miscellaneous Issues
Opinion: I am not sure, but I think I hate them for not allowing me to create a “whatis” subject. Maybe I will try again to be sure.
- About average
Opinion: Hate the board design.
- Hard to tell.

TechSoup Community Forum- Caters to the tech needs of not-for-profits
Opinion: Good subject coverage and board design.
- Someone is saying something. - Don’t much like the title, Whois Expansion but exposure is exposure.
Opinion: Kind of obscure subject matter, but worth trying to understand.
- Considering the subject pretty good traffic.

SE Forums - Posted "whatis" article, we will see what happens.
Opinion: Not easy viewing, but good subject coverage.
- Bad board format probably hurts activity.

SiteownersForumsDead link - My post regarding - Website Promotion --Opposed. (pg.3)
Opinion: Aggressively into “working the system.” No big picture people.
- Pretty dumb, pretty dead

SitePointForums- Most viewed thread before it was exterminated (copy)- “appropriate subject”
Opinion: GirlieBoy Playground-- 15 year old boys not only lock your threads, but if their panties are really wet they delete them.
- Active but evil.

Search Engine Forums at JimWorld -- My post regarding "whatis" a better way - Started 8/13/01
Opinion: I was booted a year ago but figured I would try again. These very doubozie people do not play fair and feel good about it.
- One of the more active SEO sites.
8/17 Update: In typical dumboz style they deleted the tread. Got to start asking “whatis” it that they are afraid of.

SearchEngineDiscussion- Can't even pay these people to tell the truth- "due process and firing"
Opinion: Dumbozien Hell Hole
- Little activity, brain dead and evil.

Traffick Community - The whole history regarding - "Gary Mosher on Centralized Site Submission" - page 7/most recent
Opinion: The sword of DamnAndruwPlease has fallen, The petty weasel (andruw goodman) has shown his true colors, and there all censor and liar YELLOW. As with all enemies of free speech reward "trafficK" sponsors with your contempt.At this board The dickless wonder deleted this “outrageous” reply [my last]:
AG:"censorship and enforcing rules of debate are two different things"
Me: That's what all the scare-de-cencors say.

AG: "From this moment on I expect....[life to imitate a really lame sitcom]"
Me: Not the least bit control freakish.

- Should be just

Opinion: Leaders in the Master race to see what dumboz editor can create the most shameful SEO site. Proud that it only took them minutes to delete my last post.
- Rated C for censorship.

GoGuides.Org Forums
Opinion: If you need guid-ance finding a more foolish place to waste your time this is the place to go.
- I guess everyone go-ed away

WhereWithAl Forums
Opinion: I call it a Trashectory
- WhereNoOneIsAtAll
If you are just learning how to be a corrupt peace of shit SEO spammer and free speech oppressor this is the place for you.
Opinion: Root of internet evil-- Another SEO smileeee cult

General Technology Forums
Opinion: If you must think before you speak you wont stand much of a chance.
- Zillions of talkers, maybe a few listeners. Forums
Opinion: I like the format, but the editorial policy doesn’t like me.
- Active, but no slashdot. Forums
Opinion: I hate the format.
- Active-ish. Forums
Opinion: A little thin on interesting subjects but it looks like intelligent life could live there.
- Potential but no actual.

ZDnet Anchordesk
Opinion: Hard viewing, and time wasting board format.
- Pretty active.

USATODAY Technology discussions- Suggested web navigation subject, again we will see what happens.
Opinion: Not easy viewing, AND bad subject coverage.
- Lots of hits, but no home runs.

Oldie but goodies

@Searchenginediscussion - - At the time this board was still active netesq was still a dumbozer. You might want to start here.

@Searchengineforums - All the boards at jims world are pretty funny. Their willingness to accept criticism is so admirable. A few good titles:
"Becoming an editor "
"other listings added"
"New submissions"

@Wherewithal - "Q looking for A" Funny how not one of them can simply say that "terrorism" is not a legitimate form of debate.

@Wherewithal - "On Wherewithal's Extra Super Duper Technology (ESDT)" Here we learn that wherewithal isn't a directory it's a trash-ectory where editors are free to sabotage the listing of a competitors site or any site they would personally like to take a shot at. My SecondOpinion is this place "really" sucks.

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