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Formatting Text

Formatting = \code{Arguments or text to be formatted}
Tag Description Example
\b{Your Text} Bold Text Your Text
\i{Your Text} Italics Text Your Text
\quote{Your text} Quoted
Your text
\+{Your Text} Superscript Text [Reference]Your Text
\-{Your Text} Subscript Text [Reference]Your Text
\fixed{Your Text} Fixed Width Text Your Text
\u{Your Text} Underlined Text Your Text
\c{Your Text} Centered Text
Your Text
\2{Your Text} Largest (size +2 text) Your Text
\1{Your Text} Large (size +1 text) Your Text
\0{Your Text} Average (size +0 text) Your Text
\-1{Your Text} Smaller (size -1 text) Your Text
\-2{Your Text} Smallest (size -2 text) Your Text
\greek{Your Text} Greek (symbol) text Your Text
\strike{Your Text} Strikethrough Your Text
\blink{Your Text} Blinking text Your Text
\rgb{Hex_code,Your Text} Color text by hex code Your Text: aaaa00 color
\font{Font_face,Your Text}* Font face Your Text
\char{ASCII code} Character (0-255) Ê (ASCII code=202)
\indent{Your text} Indented (blockquoted)
Your text
\link{URL, text description} Link to URL with text description
\newurl{URL, text description} Link to URL in new window with text description
\mail{address, text description} "mailto" link to address with text description
\image{Text description} Upon posting, you are prompted for an image file to upload. Images must be either GIF or JPEG format. Images must be saved on your hard disk. Your browser must support form-based file upload (Netscape Navigator 2.0+ and Internet Explorer 4.0+ support this; IE 3.02 will also work provided that you have installed the file upload patch).